BASH Prep- Recap Part 2- Business Cards

BASH PREP All right, so let’s talk about prep baby, let’s talk about glue and me. Let’s talk about all the crafting that will happen begrudgingly. Let’s talk about prep. Business Cards Evidently business cards are where it’s at for conferences (well at least for this one). People bring all kinds of crazy cool stuff. […]

BASH Recap Part 1

*Fair WARNING: This is a long detailed post about BASH and how I ended up going. It today’s post doesn’t float your boat, that’s okay. You may (or may not) want to come back by later this week to read some of the other updates I’ll be posting, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy […]

Tips and Tricks for Attending Diner en Blanc

***Warning! This is a comprehensive article on attending a Diner En Blanc event.  It is VERY long.  So I recommend getting a cup of coffee, refilling your glass of wine, or locking your bathroom door (depending on your reading environment) before embarking on reading all of this article.*** Oh man. How do you talk about […]

Football Inspired Baby Shower

Last January I had the honor doing a football themed baby shower for a first-time mother. She was having a boy and wanted pizza served at her shower. I figured that if she wanted pizza, why not do a football theme and serve other foods you would serve at a football party- with a bit […]

St Patrick’s Day Engagement Shoot

Back in February my girlie friend Jasmine, from Jasmine Nicole Photography, approached me about wanting to do an engagement shoot for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course I said yes but it was one of those things that, if it was going to happen, it would have to be fast! So we met to talk about […]