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BASH Prep- Recap Part 2- Business Cards


All right, so let’s talk about prep baby, let’s talk about glue and me. Let’s talk about all the crafting that will happen begrudgingly. Let’s talk about prep.

Business Cards

Evidently business cards are where it’s at for conferences (well at least for this one). People bring all kinds of crazy cool stuff. Some people have beautiful cards that are so thick you would think it’s printed on foam board. Some people have fun additions. Others have amazing designs and everyone brings their best.

Crafty cards from BASH from

Anyway, before the conference, BASH announced they would be have a #BASHbestcard contest and winners would be announced at the dinner closing. Originally, I didn’t plan on entering anything, mainly because I couldn’t think of anything creative to do, but then it came to me. I remembered I really wanted to do a Christmas party invitation out of a Christmas cracker but never got around to it because of the cost and the time. But I thought it might be a fun and unique way to share my business cards and convinced my hunkband to help me make them…okay, I confess. He did all the assembly. I just cut out paper. What can I say? He’s the best.

Card Prep from
So I bought and he assembled 25 Business Crackers for me. What better way to embrace my inner Britishness?

Business Card Crackers for BASH conference from
Well, one of the big questions everyone was asking, was how many business cards do I take? Some people said they were taking 100. Others said 200 and still others said 250.

I ended up buying 200 from Moo of my Bunches O Lunches cards, and already had some for Shannon Qualls (from Vistaprint). I love the Moo cards because you can print different photos on the backside of the cards and they are a nice thickness. HOWEVER, they are pricey (and I just got the basic version!)

A week or two before the conference, I was at Michael’s picking up some supplies for the crackers and I noticed there were after Christmas clearance items for sale. Mainly, there were boxes of cookie cutters (20 per pack) on sale for $1.99 (80% off!) What??!! After leaving them there and thinking about it that night, I made the decision to go back and buy them to hand out with my other cards. So for $10, I had 100 cookie cutters ready to go with my cards.

My hunkband helped me assemble them as well (yeah…I know. I’m a lucky gal) and they surprisingly only took a few hours. I only ended up making about 70 to hand out as we ran out of string and my budget was already maxed out.

Business Cards for BASH conference from
So in all, I had around 95 “fancy” cards to hand out, and carried my extras with me in case I ran out. Because I made big bulky items to hand out, I created a bag with my logos on either side (someone in the BASH group mentioned it and I totally loved the idea so I hopped on the bandwagon). I left extras in my room and refilled anytime I went back to my room. So glad I had that bag because it came in handy collecting cards from other people!

Business Card Bag for BASH Conference from

In all I think I came home with two crackers and two cookie cutters with cards attached. So I would suggest having between 100-150 cards.

Bash Best Cards from

Pointers for creating cards for a blogging conference:

1. Make a statement. It’s okay to pass stuff out with your cards. Make them say something about you/your business/your blog. It’s also okay not to add anything. There were many people at the conference who passed out beautiful cards (and some who didn’t have any at all) and it was A-okay. They were being themselves and that’s what it’s about. Everything I chose had a purpose. For the crackers, we included my cards, a traditional cracker crown, a piece of my favorite white chocolate that fit with my packaging and a mini cookie cutter (great for lunches and desserts).

2. Don’t spend a fortune. While adding extras is super fun, it’s a lot of work, time and money. They do make a bit of an impact because people remember you, but they will also remember how you engaged with them and treated them when you met. Your cards are nice, but letting yourself shine is better.

3. It’s okay to spend money. This is totally the opposite of what I just stated, but it’s true. If you have the money and want to spend it making incredible, thick and glittery cards. DO IT. Why not? I’m not going to judge you.

4. Order enough cards. For BASH I only used about 100. But there are other conferences that you will probably end up handing out more or less cards (also depends on how card happy you are. Every time we sat down to a meal together the people at our table exchanged cards).

5. Order early. Trust me. It was torture not being able to assemble things because I hadn’t gotten my cards yet. If you know you are going to a conference, get your cards as early as possible- and don’t forget to pack them!

Here are some of the amazing cards I collected at the conference!Black cards from BASH from shannonqualls.comBlue cards from BASH from shannonqualls.comPink cards from BASH from shannonqualls.comPurple cards from BASH from shannonqualls.comMore cards from BASH from