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BASH Recap Part 1

BASH Conference Recap from

*Fair WARNING: This is a long detailed post about BASH and how I ended up going. It today’s post doesn’t float your boat, that’s okay. You may (or may not) want to come back by later this week to read some of the other updates I’ll be posting, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy this post!

Oh people, my people. I’ve been dragging my feet writing this post, mainly because I have about a thousand ideas running through my head about what I want to share and as I told someone this evening, there are so many words and yet not enough.

For those of you that don’t know, BASH is a party planners/bloggers/people in the entertainment field/anyone else that wanted to come conference that debuted this year over the weekend of January 15-17. It was packed with informative sessions, amazing networking opportunities, and just all around awesome peeps.

About five or six months ago I saw that the conference was happening and was super stoked about the lineup, but financially, it wasn’t going to work out for me to go. My son had had surgery earlier in the year and we were still paying for that. So while a party planners conference sounded SICK, I just wasn’t going to make it. I was semi-okay with that (who am I kidding, I was totally going to stay of social media for that weekend because I was totes jealous), until I saw that Amy Atlas was going to be there. Then I was like, all out not okay with it. I digress.

So how did I end up going you ask? Well, I entered to win a ticket and WON.







I won a ticket! from

I was picking up my son from preschool when I saw on FB that someone in a group I am in mentioned someone from our group had won a ticket. I raced over to HWTM and there was my name!!! Whoa. So I asked my husband if we might be able to make it work, and he was SO supportive. A girlfriend reached out to me and offered to check with her roommates and see if they could make room for one more. They agreed, so I had my ticket and room set up in the same day.

As for travel, I thought about flying in, but when I mentioned to my mom I was going, she offered to drive me out there (for free!!) because she wanted to visit family in town.

So yeah, I was totally and completely blessed to get to go and so inexpensively.

Drive to AZ from

Being that this was my first bloggers conference, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I looked to the BASH conference page for as much information as I could get, I talked to my roomies and some of the ladies from the FB group I’m in. I listened to what Tonya (from Soirée Event Designs suggested). I took in what people were saying in the BASH FB group, and, I prepared…well… I may have over prepared. But hey! I was ready for any party emergency!

Luggage for BASH from

After I got my travel arrangements taken care of, I needed to prepare my business cards, my clothing choices and my roomie gifts. Take it from me and don’t wait until the last minute to do it…I had some late nights leading up to the conference.

I’ll be posting tips on what to pack, and more about cards and gifts later, for now I’m just going to finish off saying that I had an amazing time at BASH, am so glad I went and definitely recommend it for anyone thinking about going.