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Skippyjon Jones Birthday Party

Skippyjon Jones Inspired food table.

I am so excited to share today’s Skippyjon Jones Birthday Party with you! We missed having a 3rd birthday for Asa (since my preggo belly was about to explode at any moment) so I started planning his 4th almost right away. After I got the pictures (from the lovely Courtney Miller), I knew I wanted to submit the party to Amy Atlas for a feature. (But first I had to get the guts to send it in!) So I finally did and now that she has featured it, I can post the details!

A few years ago, a good friend of mine (hi Gloriane!) told me about a sweet little book called, “Skippyjon Jones”. It’s a funny little story about a siamese cat that thinks he’s a Chihuahua. We knew Asa (the animal lover) would enjoy it so we bought him two of the adventures to get him started. For Christmas last year we added two more to the collection, and my mom completed it with the last two for his birthday.

I knew after we got Asa the first book, we were going to throw him a “Skippyjon Jones” birthday party. Since Mason’s birthday is two days later (and we had just gotten back from a cruise), we decided to combine their birthdays and have a massive fiesta! Coincidentally, around March I saw Brittany from Grey Grey Designs had the same inspiration I did! She threw a fabulous “Fouresta” birthday for her little boy who turned four. I guess great minds think alike! Thank you for the heads up on the fabulous party printables from Piggy Bank Parties Brittany!

If you haven’t read, “Skippyjon Jones” you need to go to your nearest bookstore or library right away! It is such a fun story. The first book in particular lends itself to a great party.  In the book Skippyjon gets sent to his room, bounces on his big boy bed, and flying past his mirror he sees his reflection and realizes he’s not a siamese cat, but a Chihuahua!

* Unless otherwise noted, all pictures are by Courtney Miller Photography.


I decided we needed to bring Skippyjon Jones to life and staged his room in our driveway. My husband temporarily installed a door to the backyard that acted as the closet. Guests were greeted with a real life version of Skippyjons room and entered his imagination through his closet door.


We used quotes from the book, as well as items found in the books to add details to the party.

Guests were greeted as they moved further into the imagination of Skippyjon with characters from the book. Shout out to my girl Jess for the drawings and dessert table backdrop!


After coming in, we had all kinds of fun for kids and adults alike! We had a fajita bar, Margaritas (adults only), beer for the dudes who wanted it, water and lemonade for the kids. We also had a small bouncey house set up for the kiddos and they invaded the swing set.

First, we had a fiesta!

Skippyjon Jones Food Table



Then we had a siesta.

We had the kids sit down and read them the story they were a part of. We handed out swords and masks at party gifts that they got to wear/use during the story.


Then it was time to face the great Bumblebeeto!


After defeating him and getting all the beans (candy and jelly beans that is)…


It was time for dessert.


We served Cactus Treats, Jelly Bean Cookies, Cupcakes, Sweet Like the Jello Cups, Mice Cream and Cake.

Asa-and-Mason-Bday-30-426x640 Asa-and-Mason-Bday-29-575x383 Asa-and-Mason-Bday-27-575x383 Asa-and-Mason-Bday-28-414x640Cupcakes-575x191

Oh the cake. It was divine. I have to share it with it’s own section because it was crazy cool. Back in January I saw an amazing cake created by the Meringue Bake Shop on Cupcakes and Cutlery called a “Whacky Cake” and KNEW that I wanted one for the boys birthday. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the OC and wouldn’t be able to have Kristin at the Meringue Bake Shop make one for us. So what do you do in a time of need? Call MY go to cake girl- Kim Garcia! She is crazy talented and figured out how to make the cake for us! Thanks girl! (If you need a cake in Albuquerque she’s great!)

There were two tiers set separately. One had a “4” for Asa, and one had a “1” for Mason (that was his 1 year smash cake). Kim made a cake pop to look like Skippyjons ride on mouse and also included a scene from the book on edible paper. The dinosaur coming out of the closet door is from another Skippyjon adventure and was put there to help appease Asa (he changed his mind a thousand times about what kind of party he wanted. Little did he know I had already decided 🙂

Asa-and-Mason-Bday-05-575x381 Asa-and-Mason-Bday-25-430x640 Asa-and-Mason-Bday-24-575x386

And now, for the Whacky Cake!


Filling the cake with jelly beans fit perfectly with the book. It was awesome.

Images by Parties and Potty Training


Mason getting his smash cake on!

Images by Parties and Potty Training

Well, I think that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the party! I know we did.

Vendor Credits:

Photography (unless otherwise noted): Courtney Miller Photography

Printables: Piggy Bank Parties

Cake: Kim Garcia

Inspiration: Skippyjon Jones

Awesome Backdrop and character art: Jessica Jonkman




6 thoughts on “Skippyjon Jones Birthday Party

  1. SO cute!!!! Thanks for linking! Those smash cakes are my favorite and the kids expect them now at every party. 🙂 I love parties based on books. There is something so special about connecting with children through stories and I love that they get to share their favorite with all their friends. You did a great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I always try and remember where an idea came from so I can credit the source/s. Books just lend themselves so perfectly to parties. They tell a story and already have all of the details- and kids love them! Thank you so much for stopping by!

    1. Thank you so much! My mother in law is a pretty talented artist and drew them on fabric paper and then ironed them on the shirts (we got the shirts at Hobby Lobby).

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