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What to Wear to a Conference

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Now, I know this may come as a surprise to you, but a fashionista I am not. Crazy, I know. (If you want to see people with crazy cool style check out Kenna from Miss Party Mom or Latasha from A Posh Party.)

Honestly though, I didn’t even notice that much what people were wearing except for the dress up night- more on that later. Back to the story…I’m generally a jeans and t-shirt type gal, but I’m down with getting dressed up every now and then. Since I don’t have a lot of dress up clothes (I’m a stay at home mom who likes jeans and t-shirts) I called up my girl Michaela who hooked me up! She helped me pull together some outfits (and accessories) and lent me some pieces to help pull the looks together.

I’m super thankful to her, because even though all of the clothes I wore weren’t mine (though many were), I felt confident in what I wore and felt it represented my style. Thanks Michaela!!

Luggage for BASH from

So the crazy thing about packing for a conference is not really knowing how the temperature will be or how you will feel and what you will want to wear (can you say morning after late night bloat?), so I really wanted to be prepared. Had I flown in, I would NOT have packed so much, but since it was just my mom and I in her SUV, I came prepared. Well, over prepared. I think I had like an extra three outfits packed that I never got around to wearing.

First Day Outfit

So what should you pack for? Well, the conference was in Phoenix in January. The temperatures were around the 70’s during the day and in the 40’s-50’s at night. I was comfortable in all of the conference rooms and don’t remember being overly warm or cold, though others may have felt differently. (The only exception to this was the costume party- come as your favorite celebrity. I was stinking hot dressed like Hermoine Granger. For realz. It was not Hogwarts weather on the dance floor).

My game plan with packing was to have a daytime outfit and a nighttime outfit for each day of the conference. For the conference registration and welcome party I ended up wearing the same thing, but I felt that was completely appropriate. I think everyone else did the same thing.

Second Day

Night One Outfit
That hottie next to me is the one and only Amy Atlas. She’s amazing and SO sweet and down to earth. #winning

On the first day of classes I went with a business casual outfit that was comfortable and layered, so in the event I got too hot, I could shed a layer. That night I decided to change into a dress for the dinner. Not everyone did and it was a more laid back dinner that was buffet style with tons of heavy hor derves.

Later that night was the dress like your favorite celebrity and dance party. So I went to my room and changed into my costume. As I said earlier, I dressed as Hermoine Granger (I don’t really have a favorite celebrity). I had on my full costume with robe and all, but it got HOT. So I ditched the robe and let loose on the dance floor. I’m honestly not a big dancer (ask my husband), but it was so fun hanging with ladies and cutting loose…and really, who can resist MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This? I mean, really?

Hermoine Granger

The second day I wore another business casual outfit that had layers and I was comfortable in. Because being comfortable is the name of the game people! That night was the tabletop competition and a sit down dinner. I chose to dress up in another dress and was glad I did because it seemed that a lot of the other women did as well.

Night 3
Yeah, that’s me and Eddie Ross. No big deal. (But he’s seriously SO nice in person!)

For the drive home I decided comfort was king and I embraced my jeans and t-shirt.

What do you pack for a conference?