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Anthro Inspired Woodland Forest Birthday Party

Anthro Inspired Woodland Forest Birthday Party

In March of 2011 I was asked to do a birthday party for two adorable twins girls that were turning 2, and their friend, another adorable girl who was also turning 2.   We set up a meeting to discuss what the party would look like.  At the meeting was Kim, cake decorator extraordinaire, and the mommy’s of the girls.

When we met one mom let me know she liked birds and the other mom wanted Pixie’s incorporated into the theme since her little girl reminds her family of a pixie.  After brainstorming for awhile, we came up with an anthro inspired woodland fairy party.  Below is the result.

Even though the party was in the middle of March, the weather was great so we were able to set up tables and chairs, a drink station, and a craft station outside.  We used pinwheels and pompoms to make it feel whimsy.  The moms covered some pillows with burlap, cut out felt circles and placed them on tree stumps to make toadstools (for the pixies of course!). Kim also painted some mini doors that were used outside to create pixie homes.  Each girl had a letter personalized for them.


Inside we set up two tables.  One for savory snacks, and the other for sweets.  The first table was flanked by dried out trees covered in fabric birds that we sewed with vintage fabric and paper flowers.  The moms got these adorable glittering toadstools to use on the table.

We served mini cucumber sandwiches, chips and dip, Fairy wands (fruit skewers), a veggie platter, and a build your own trail mix bar.


For the dessert table I made stings of fairy wings that we hung from the ceiling with mini pompoms.  We used this awesome fabric for the backdrop.  For the table, we covered it with a white tablecloth and placed brown burlap around the front and sides.  We also used brown paper as a bottom layer and covered it with moss.  We cut wooden stumps for us to serve the cakes on.  We made fabric toadstools for the table (and to bring in some color!), placed moss covered rocks on the table, as well as a whimsey little frog.  Kim made mini banners with each girls name on it for their cakes.

As for the cakes, Kim killed it.  Each girl had an adorable smash cake- the twins had a cute bird and the other girl had a pixie shoe.  There were also three larger cakes for the guests.

As for the other desserts, we made Pixie Wands (rice crispy treats), Birds Nests, Acorns, Toadstool Pops and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


Cakes by: Kim Garcia

Photography by:


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